Walter S. Bowman photographs, 1880-1930

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  • Walter S. Bowman photographs, 1880-1930 English [en]
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  • 1880/1930
  • PH 004, Walter S. Bowman photographs, 1880-1930. University of Oregon Special Collections and University Archives. English [en]
  • Walter S. Bowman (1865-1938) was a professional photographer who worked in Pendleton, Oregon, from the late 1880s to the mid 1930s. Bowman’s photographs document daily life in Eastern Oregon, including special events such as the Pendleton Round-Up. The Walter S. Bowman photographs (1880-1930) collection consists of almost 800 negatives and prints representative of the span of the photographer's work, but his noted images of tribal people were largely destroyed after his death. English [en]
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