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2007_Barney_and_Loye Topic
2007_May Topic
2008_March Topic
2008_May Topic
2009_March Topic
2009_September Topic
2010_September Topic
2011_Beijing_Field_School Topic
2011_Qibao_Shadow_Play Topic
2011_September Topic
2012_May Topic
2012_October Topic
2013_July Topic
2015_May Topic
41643 Topic
A House for Phineas Gage Topic
Alai Reyes-Santes, testimony Topic
Alfredo Garcias, testimony Topic
Becerra, Alicia, testimony Topic
Bello, Obed, testimony Topic
Bosch, Evan, testimony Topic
Carlos Enrique Marquez, testimony Topic
Carmen Xiomara Urbina Carias, testimony Topic
Cartagena, Marcela, testimony Topic
Cascade series Topic
Central Oregon Moment Topic
Changes (suite of prints) Topic
Chronological Files Topic
Cloud Chambers Topic
Connecting Topic
De Sola Residence, San Salvador, 1947 Topic
Durán-Arellano, Lizsandra, testimony Topic
Edgar Ortega, testimony Topic
Emiliana Aguilar, testimony Topic
Flower Studies Topic
Foulwather Bluff Series 1 Topic
Foulwather Bluff Series 2 Topic
Four Seasons (4 seasonal prints) Topic
Four Seasons Topic
Francisco López, testimony Topic
Gambetta, Jimena Kheav, testimony Topic
Gonzales, Sonia, testimony Topic
Guerra, Fidel, testimony Topic
Gustavo Presidente, testimony Topic
Herndandez, Emilio, testimony Topic
Homeless Street Youth Series Topic
Honored Woman Topic
Imaginary Birds of North America Topic
Into the Foxgloved Night Topic
Javier Magallares, testimony Topic
Jesus Arney Leon Monsalve (Neyo), testimony Topic
Jorge Marroquin, testimony Topic
Jose Contreras, testimony Topic
Jose Velazquez, testimony Topic
Judy Landeros, testimony Topic
Karen Ramirez Gutierrez, testimony Topic
Klamath Basin Series Topic
Lace Topic
Latino Roots Topic
Letters Received Topic
Letters Received, General Topic
Letters Topic
Luminated Manuscripts (series of 15) Topic
López, Aurora, testimony Topic
Magruder Series Topic
Martha Guembes, testimony Topic
Memorial Union Murals Topic
Milkweed Seeding (Series of 5) Topic
Mirna Matías, testimony Topic
Miskell, Graciela (Meche), testimony Topic
Morales, Armando, testimony. Topic
Morales, Martha, testimony Topic
Morales, Rosalinda, testimony Topic
Muses Topic
Nellie Rose Jones Materials Topic
Nepali Temple Series Topic
Northwest Icons Topic
O. A. Stearns Materials Topic
OEM Suite Drawings (8) Topic
Oregon Steam Navigation Company Topic
Ortega, Josefina, testimony Topic
Park Bench Topic
Pedro Landeros, testimony Topic
Prince Hill Series Topic
Quilt Corner (2 in edition of 10) Topic
Richard Velazquez, testimony Topic
Rosa Julia Matías Ruiz, testimony Topic
Series I: Correspondence Topic
Series I: Glass Plate Negatives Concept
Series I: Personal Papers Topic
Series I: Political Cartoons Topic
Series I: Shinto Religion Concept
Series II: Photographs Topic
Series II: International Activities Topic
Series II: Shinto Shrines Jinja Concept
Series III: Diaries, Field Notes 1912-1919 Concept
Series III: Professional Papers Topic
Series IV: Lexicons Concept
Series IV: Museum of Fine Art Records, 1902-1965 Topic
Series LIX: Watzek House, Portland, OR, 1965 Topic
Series LV: Van Buren, Portland, OR, 1949 Topic
Series LVI: Vietor House, Eureka, CA, 1941 Topic
Series LVII: Visitors Information Center for Portland Chamber of Commerce, Portland, OR, 1948 Topic
Series LX: Wentz Cottage Addition, Neahkahnie, OR, 1965 Topic
Series LXI: Mrs. John B. Yeon house, King Heights, Portland, OR, 1934 Topic
Series V: California Palace of the Legion of Honor Fagan Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 1969-1972 Topic
Series V: Correspondence, 1910-1921 Concept
Series VI: Science Fiction Concept
Series VI: Maps, drawings, and photographs Topic
Series VI: Research and Miscellaneous Concept
Series XIV: Cottrell Residence, Portland, OR, 1949 Topic
Series XLI: Oxford Residence, Old Greenwich, CT, 1940 Topic
Series XLIX: Shaw Residence, Clackamas County, OR, 1950 Topic
Series XVI: deCanizares Residence, Portland, OR, Early 1950's's Topic Deprecated
Series XVI: deCanizares Residence, Portland, OR, Early 1950's Topic
Series XVII: De Sola Residence, San Salvador, 1947 Topic
Series XXII: The Gazebo, Portland, OR, Early 1950s Topic
Series XXIII: Jennings Residence, Portland, OR, 1937 Topic
Series XXIV: Jorgensen Residence, Portland, OR, 1939 Topic
Series XXIX: Macleay Park, Portland, OR, 1950 Topic
Series XXV: Kerr Guest House, Portland, OR, 1949 Topic
Series XXVI: Locatell Real Estate Office, Portland, OR, 1952 Topic
Series XXXII: Morgan Residence, Plas Newydd, WA, 1946 Topic
Series XXXV: Frank G. Crowell Wing, Nelson-Atkins Museum (Crowell Wing Addition, Japanese Gallery, Impressionist Painting Gallery) , Kansas City, 1974 Topic
Series XXXVI: Gallery for Chinese Decorative Arts, Nelson- Atkins Museum, Kansas City, 1973 Topic
Subseries A: Asian Art Colleagues Topic
Subseries A: Family Papers Topic
Subseries A: Lists of Shrines and Description of Shrine Pilgrimages Concept
Subseries A: Speeches & Presentations Topic
Subseries A: The Oregonian Topic
Subseries B: Shrines of 1st Rank, 1st Class Concept
Subseries B: Activities and Associations Topic
Subseries B: Correspondence Concept
Subseries B: Personal Memberships Topic
Subseries B: Writings Topic
Subseries C: Achievements Topic
Subseries C: Museum Acquisitions Topic
Subseries C: Personal Correspondence Topic
Subseries C: Shrines of 1st Rank, 2nd Class Concept
Subseries C: University of Oregon Activities Topic
Subseries D: Professional Associations Topic
Subseries D: Professor Exchanges Topic
Subseries D: Shrines of 1st Rank, 3rd Class Concept
Subseries D: Shrines of 1st Rank, 3rd Class Concept
Subseries D: Travel Personal Name
Subseries E: Collected pamphlets and newspaper clippings Topic
Subseries E: Hero Worship Shrine Concept
Subseries E: Personal Finances Personal Name
Sun, Byron, family testimony Topic
Tokaido Series Topic
U. S. Office of Indian Affairs, Oregon Superintendency Topic
Volumes Topic
Women in Color Topic